Passionate creative designer, travel around the world to share my passion with international costumers

Growing up in Byblos, a 6000 year old Phoenician city located in the Mediterranean Sea, the ocean became my favorite place. I grew to know the ocean as a symbol of love and freedom. At a young age, the ocean and the city cultivated my love for life’s simple pleasures.

As a young adult, I literally packed my bags and passion and embarked on a worldwide expedition selling my jewelry and gathering artistic inspiration and participating in hundreds of crafts fairs and exhibitions. I traveled through several continents, moving from Thailand's sandy beaches and Dubai's diverse cultures, to Mauritius, the island where everyone is smiling & throughout Europe. I am now based in the United States.

My passion for handmade crafts is almost as old as I am. From the moment I started to control my hands I used them to create things.

This passion grew and my creativity expanded my curiosity about new materials and techniques, driving me to create unique and exquisite wearable art. This is what you see in my work: a variety of materials and techniques presented in a creative array of jewelry.

And now, I intertwine the colorful sentiment of my travels, creating a jewelry collection that speaks of a journey. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with love in the United States.